Pseudogaffe is the personal website and weblog of tolbiac, an index or point-of-reference to myself and my work.

I'm a 19 year-old bisexual/queer male (he/him) residing in the United States. I'm a writer, programmer, Information Technology enthusiast, social anarchist (without adjectives, synthesist) and PC Gamer.

My blog is my main project, which I try to add to at least once a month. A full archive is here.

I like Writing. Anarchist theory and practice. Libertarian anti-capitalism. Free association. Individual and collective autonomy. Direct action. Mutual aid. Programming. PC gaming. Free Culture/Open content/Copying and Sharing. GNU/Linux, *BSD, UNIX and Free & Open Source Software. Electronic Music. Hardcore and Folk Punk. Coffee. Doing interesting or notable things.

I'm currently living with my partner and doing the best I can while trying not to go insane. You can see more of my work or get in touch with me through the links below.