Thoughts on 2014 and the New Year

I’m not exactly sure how to sum up 2014. It seems as though this year was caught in the middle of being a good year, worthy of praise and glad-hearted remembrance; and a terribly tragic year, a year to set aside to be forgotten. I think most of us can agree that the year was just another year with its fair share of ups and downs and a few things here and there that made their marks on history for better or worse. However a few specific things of certain magnitude happened that made 2014 what it was, that can act as bold titles on its place in time.

Ukraine underwent a revolution as a successor to the 2004 Orange Revolution in the midst of unrest with Russia involving the public interest for Ukraine to have closer ties to the European Union. Ebola left African soil and spread around the world, becoming the largest global outbreak of Ebola, which is still undergoing containment efforts. A great consumer revolt called ‘GamerGate’ was carried out by thousands of dedicated gamers over the Internet (like myself) who took a stand against ethical corruption in games journalism by boycotting sites like Kotaku, Polygon and Gawker Media, and sparked an unrelenting and discorded argument over ethics, the industry and allegations of sexism.

As for the year coming up, I don’t want to set my expectations for 2015 too high, but I do want to see some improvements in certain areas, namely in the actions of those in power, those who make laws and lay the way for the future, and most importantly as of now, an end to the passing of destructive regulations that escapes the attention of those who need to call them out the most. I’d like to see more things that make for a year to be rememered happily, for a time to be glad to have been alive in. Every year we are reminded to do better in our lives and to attempt to make the world a better place. At times it seems so overused that its lost all meaning. But on an individual scale, for every person who decides to go out and do good: to support good causes, to give hope to others and make real change, we can and will make 2015 a good year. And I hope each one of you has a very Happy New Year.

Thoughts on 2014 and the New Year

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