Putting things on the backburner, putting others up front

I’ll do my best to keep this one short so I don’t get into details about unproductivity and useless efforts and become ironic.

I have a personal guideline for myself when programming or doing anything else involving technology: Don’t force anything. Don’t try too hard and don’t overthink the project. Once I break this, the code and the end product becomes sloppy, buggy and different from what I originally intended. And once that happens, I have to overthink and overwork fixing it all, and the cycle repeats.

Lately this guideline has been tossed out the window, hard to believe considering my <sarcasm>excellent</sarcasm> commit history, but its true. The underlying thing seen here is nothing good being committed because nothing really good has been done, and its sort of a recursive problem for me, having nothing good being done and so I push myself to correct that, leading to more problems leading to less progress. Its not something that I hate myself over or anything (its not like anyone depends on my code), but rather something that makes me disappointed in myself. I don’t want to say its lack of ambition either, because I certainly have the desire to do something better after the last project, but I can say that its partly giving up too easily or giving in to the towering obstacle in front of me. I just hope I can shake off stress in programming if I ever develop something as a solo project that people begin to rely on or trust for something, and a disastrous bug or vulnerability hits it and they turn to me for the fix.

This is nothing new to me and I know how to go about stopping and restarting it all, but this problem is important to touch on for technical people who don’t take stress easily. My solution is to move work to things I’ve been neglecting when dealing with code, but had some good ideas therein worth expanding on. Among them is writing about new or interesting subjects, and having more than four or five publications on my WordPress blog. A few of what I’ve had in mind are things I had the germ for a few months ago, but didn’t plant them in the soil. I guess at the time there was something bigger facing me or I just didn’t think they worth doing just yet, but I think now is as good a time as ever to just go for them. In no particular order, here are some upcoming articles, or more or less things to expect:

  • A piece on file sharing, copying, creativity and content. An overview and observation of the surroundings of File sharing technology, Free Culture, the Pirate movement, intrusive copyright and laws, the existence of content and the Anarchistic effort to free it.
  • A piece on issues and schisms within contemporary Liberalism and the Progressive movement. Looking at how radical pandering to the nearest leaning social movement for the sake of having a label has negatively shaped Progressive communities, discussion, action and its image, and the importance of differentiating where people stand and why, and those who use their community to label their dogmatic possition. (SJWs taking the social justice label, etc.)
  • A piece on social media alternatives and free and open communications platforms. The case of big-name social media and communications services, the existence of open alternatives that are democratic, decentralized and user-not-profit centered, and the importance of these alternatives in the wake of larger services demanding more from their users.
  • A piece on The Internet as an Infinite Concept. An explaination of my opinion that so long as electricity and the means of connection one computer to another will be available, there will always be an Internet with infinite possibilities, that the core concept of the Internet is not physical or electrical, it is an extension of reality and communication.
  • A response to Internet Freedom and Digital Rights discussion. Particularly this. Observations on privacy and security based off of recent discussions of Internet freedom.

This is all I have available so far. I think the introduction on productivity was self-explanatory on how this shift to writing will be, but I will be working on these at a decent enough pace to balance with jobs and school. And to close, I’d just like to thank anyone who actually reads or looks forward to whatever I do, be it code or blogging. I can guess and say that a few of you who follow me on Twitter, or are just internet friends of mine, stumble onto whatever I circulate through social media and skim through it, and even that is nice to keep in mind. But honestly, its just good to know that anyone has the ability to carve their say into this great big rock that we call the Internet. I’m just one out of a million.

Putting things on the backburner, putting others up front

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