TPP has been Finalized: A leap towards corporate fascism

On the morning of October 5th in Atlanta, Georgia, a handful of government bureaucrats walked out from a series of closed-door meetings on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, claiming that the deal has been finalized and pending International approval. This deal ties in the horrors of SOPA and other government Internet and speech regulatory bills, and puts NAFTA and the WTO to shame.

For the trade deal to become completely activated, however, it requires acceptance from every involved country’s government leaders. But for the deal to be finalized in of itself is a great step forward for dominant corporate power: a chance to deeply harm food and drug safety standards, labor protections, fair use online, file sharing and environmental protection laws, all for a guarantee of profit through typical dirty business. Publications by WikiLeaks in the past months have revealed a draft to impose greater copyright laws onto associated countries, as part of a supposed effort to water down freedom of speech through copyright violation claims. This is just one of the great dangers of this deal. More disappointing is the lack of addressing the concerns of TPP opposition by president Obama, as he has only continued to give non-answers by saying that he wouldn’t sign this deal unless it was in the best interest of the United States. Leaked documents and common sense show that he is very, very wrong.

As the United States is expected to vote on the full initiation of the trade deal in the coming months, as with other nations involved, the need to contact representatives and other state officials as part of a massive public outcry effort has become very apparent. I’m hoping to see Fight For The Future or another digital rights group inform the mass of social media about the situation when the time comes to vote on the deal. I can only hope that we can make an impact against this objectively unethical, undemocratic trade deal. This deal is opposed by almost every major figure in both parties of the United States and worldwide, a rare case where something is so bad that people who viciously go against each other in the political ring will find common ground together and speak out against it.

Lets get everyone informed and keep moving against this terrible deal. Nothing is impossible.

Action Resources:

Find your representatives —

Stop The Secrecy Petition —

Stop The TPP’s Copyright Trap (EFF) —

TPP has been Finalized: A leap towards corporate fascism

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