That Cozy Productive Hipster Bullshit

Doesn’t this image just give that cute little warm feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you wanna grab your nearest notebook computer and run down to Starbucks, order something, sit at a table for four hours and make some indie lightweight CMS automation script or a blog post about the need for inclusivity of new feminist theories or new religious movements in developer communities and change the fuckin’ world like the innovator you are?

Its odd being one of those people who understands and has similar feelings as the guys you see on GitHub, or Kickstarter, or in some <name>.io site made for collaboration on something beating a dead horse with the web 2.0 (or at this point 2.1.0) craze, and is simultaneously the guy who makes jokes about them and laughs at the silly shit they get into. I feel like I can’t have it both ways, but I do. As I wrote previously, I love the ever-expanding and changing nature of the culture of developers and technologists, but that doesn’t mean laughing at your own people from time to time is off the table. I think a good portion of them are very bright and innovative people with genuine good ideas about building and fixing the future; meanwhile the other half are either posers or nobodies looking to be someone better by using this community as a platform to hold up the shit they want to bolden about themselves (prefered pronouns, oddly dyed hair, political alignments, etc, etc.) The latter are the people I laugh at, depending on how far they take it, of course. I’m no exception. Browsing through my twitter will show my obnoxious support for leftist ideals and idiotic personal nonsense, but since I don’t separate anything for work/projects and personal opinions, this will happen.

The thing I notice most in this area is what drives the devs and writers who some group in with the hipster crowd: The young guys and gals, early to mid 20s or early 30s who are excited about being the indie Mark Zuckerberg or a new, more cosmopolitan Linus Torvalds or Eric Raymond. They’re somewhat driven by that cozy feeling in their gut that they get when they have a revelation in the shower or see just the right image or scene (that pic above) that clicks with the creative gland in their brain. In some instances, probably in the past, its influenced great things and concepts. But I think when you apply that to a thousand young people who just want to have something that will get them accepted or noted in the startup or developer scene, you’ll have fewer great and original things, and more shit coming out like “Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time”.

I don’t mean to shit on what people want to do or their ideas, but I’d much prefer actions and projects influenced more by brainstorming, applying the scientific method and drafts, rather than “omg something to do, better just do it like right now. I feel so good and productive doing this”. Where we find a balance between excitement and inspiration, and a dedicated technical approach, we will make great things. As much as its nice to bask in the splendor of tech and communities, don’t make that the only thing you base your thing off of.

That Cozy Productive Hipster Bullshit

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