Class Consciousness Lite

With Bernie Sanders caving and endorsing Clinton, effectively neutering his social democratic platform for wanna be socialist youths to ride, Donald Trump securing a vice presidential nominee and Jill Stein of the Green party apparently taking the reigns of the progressive movement, the fallout of American political drama is proved to be as chaotic and sadly amusing as it ever could be. We have a living fascist meme almost guaranteed to be running the nation for four, possibly eight, years thanks to the moron and bigot vote, a repeat war criminal capitalist as the primary contender, a faded beacon of some actual change, and a sub par replacement for the progressive movement edging into the arena.

When Bernie was going strong and winning a considerable amount of states, we still couldn’t quite see him getting the Democratic nomination. The people slowly coming to the understanding that they are being screwed by the porky shams of “democratic” candidates looked to this worn Vermont senator as he said what nobody else would say and what the working class wanted to hear, but we knew that the dirtiest and most detestable tricks of the DNC hegemony would be put into full effect to sabotage the campaign before it could really get off the ground to secure the profitability of the common ins and outs. I can now fully agree with Chris Hedges on this and admit that I was wrong.

Even before it was over, it was on life support as it was dripping with the expected impotency of liberal action barely grasping the actual solution to the problems. Raise wages, hold class criminals accountable, reform the police, legalize marijuana. How revolutionary.

This is among the most tragic pursuits of those who would follow someone like Sanders. Dependency is placed on a pedestal-mounted figure and their campaign rather than assuming direct action as a collective force, all the while liberal instances of “getting money out of politics”, “demanding change” and “fighting with non-violence” intended to simply give the self-assuring illusion of power and a say in a “democracy” tremendously overshadows the dust-gathering weapons of the grand old left of organizing and acting in solidarity, regardless of consequence to oneself. The noxious sensation of comfortable, safe outcry online and family-friendly activism is the replacement. An appropriate extension of how everything has really become in our society. Every emergence of desperation to collapse the decay of this abusive relationship and live momentarily in hardship to secure well being for all is struck down with pacifying reassurances that things will get better with votes and donations.

But the problem is not simply laziness or fear of making noise, its misdirection and failing to see the point. Change contextual to the existing state of affairs is not the end solution. Its not the ideal to remain committed to each step of the way. It is to decommission the capitalist ownership of production and the state bound up in its function with the acknowledgment of its innate exploitation and malice. Its not that wages are low, its that we have them as the only means of survival in the first place. Its not that we simply hate working hard for nothing, its that we hate being “employees” instead of owning our work in common. Its not that business is big or rigging the system, its that private ownership exists predominantly as the ruling class that alienates you as an individual from autonomy of labor, backed by the police, military and wealthy political figures. There is no Bernie for you now, neither here nor there. Find what you can and mobilize.

They’re just so close to coming to this realization, but always far enough from it. Organizations such as SocialistAlternative seem to perpetuate this under the flag of Trotskyism while mainly pandering to the reformist crowd. Almost a hybrid, and I can’t exactly determine where they’re leaning.

But this isn’t a look back and laugh kind of frame I’m holding up. We will continue to see this attitude desperately retried. The political upholstery refurbished and declared the new “revolution”. New fools found and self-righteous as the veteran activists look over in pity.

Now I’ll say gladly, I supported Sanders as a reformist who had the potential to make the present system less terrible, and was very saddened to see him submit to the Clinton monopoly on the party. But now we simply have the confirmation that this idea of obtaining some kind of utopia, at least in the United States, where capitalism is reformed through telling bad people to stop is an unforgivable silent enemy of radical progress. Progress in such a form that is merciless to the decades of misinformation and sabotage of how things could be right now. Progress that eliminates any left or right spectrum, and leaves only the common sense of anarchist communism.

But this can’t happen without a great disappointment by the proletariat from the coming reforms’ immense shortcomings, that all the working class have a chance at a unified aggression against the bourgeois state and an effective flurry of rage at learning how deep they’ve lived in lies, settled for a life of necessity and dependency on dollars and cents, uprightness and submission to unjustified authority and defense of the thieves of their work’s value if freed from capital.

The greatest, most obvious form of oppression in the entire history of man is thriving and living happily in the faces of all subservient individuals to its internal workings. Those who most suffer the injuries by capitalism rush to the defense of private owners, in knee-jerk fashion outlining their indoctrination by reactionary state control. As Marx refers, the cuckolds of the working class who are encouraged to pride themselves as men of good moral standing. The human race after centuries of slavery and work under the whip of necessity has still not bound together to subdue the most malicious complexities of capitalism which constrain and eliminate the purest manifestations of freedom, which would rid the world of vast physical, mental and emotional turmoil in all who know their purpose in social life to be determined on the amount of surplus value they produce for their bosses. And so the quelling of the most glorious liberation of humanity lives on in the young, naive, surface-level liberals who understand a problem but cannot grasp its inherit cause and corresponding resolve. Who believe that these problems are new and aren’t appendages of any greater construct of contemporary feudal servitude that has taken root ages ago. That working people hold all the autonomy tangible, ignorant that they feed the very system preventing their fullest liberty beyond state allowance.

We live with heavy hearts to see the concepts of worker self-emancipation and horizontal organization of society replaced with applying padding to the rough and cold chains we are born into and die in. This is not to say that things will never change, that hope is lost, but that we now understand that the words which barely meet us half way are just as harmful as the darlings of the right. The rerouting techniques of party politics aligned in any spectrum will continually fulfill their role to the ruling class until the whole and undivided people dethrone them. We knew this from the start, but now we see it laugh in our faces as it wins once again in this American presidential cycle.

Class Consciousness Lite