Pseudogaffe is the personal website and weblog of tolbiac, an index or point-of-reference to myself and my work.

I’m a writer, anarchist without adjectives, anti-fascist, programmer and information technology enthusiast. I’m a bisexual/queer male (he/him) in my 20s residing in the United States with my partner I’m neurodivergent/autistic (diagnosed w/ Asperger’s Syndrome), anxious, depressed, possibly bi-polar, an agnostic-atheist (with some respect for taoism, zen and wicca), an absurdist or nihilist, and a punk of some kind. 

More about myself (not really structured)

My work here is at my own leisure. Its basically a hobby, but I like to think it has some value beyond that. I normally write about society, politics, philosophy, current events, issues affecting my interests, anarchist theory, practice and analysis, and personal ruminations on life and dealing with it.

I also write short stories when I’m not focusing on a specific real-world issue. They normally deal with characters struggling to effectively communicate or self-actualize around others while gaining perspective along a stressful journey. Thats kind of just the types of stories I found to be most resonating and helpful.

I wrote a few pieces for Its Going Down and Subversion News. I’m open to collaborating, just get in touch with me if you’re interested. If I’m not writing an article on something, I’m probably ranting about it on twitter or tumblr.

As a programmer, I used to be more invested in projects but my work there has been reduced to accommodate for my writing. When I do write code, its normally a basic script that performs a very specific purpose instead of a large, complex program. I code in Python, Bash and a little C and C++. I host my projects on GitLab.

I’m a GNU/Linux user on my laptop. My distro of choice so far is Manjaro Linux on the GNOME desktop. Debian-based distributions are my fall back when things break. My dekstop runs Windows 7 for games, media and file sync.

My interest in information technology prefaced my own fusion of politics and technology. I advocated in favor of pirate politics while working on a few unsuccessful file sharing programs out of fear that BitTorrent would be outlawed or the pirate bay would be permanently shut down. I attempted working with servers and databases to widen my range of projects, but it never really took off. I have some standard knowledge in those areas and I still oppose copyright while advocating for free culture, open content, free/libre software and anarchism.

As an anarchist, I avoid assigning myself specific adjectives (capitalism and nationalism are not anarchist adjectives, they’re the opposite of anarchism) although I have previously identified as an anarcho-syndicalist, anarchist communist and a social anarchist. I’m an advocate of diverse tactics, flexibility and self-theory as means toward enlarging agency and self-determination. Organizationally, I prefer affinity groups and synthesis organizations, but I think large [platformist] federations and syndicalist unions are useful if they remain horizontal and anti-authoritarian. I ultimately trust getting face-to-face with situations over pre-determined models. I’m fairly aligned with post-left anarchy and anti-civilization green anarchism, but I default to anarchism without adjectives. I like to think we’re all working toward the same world of vast and diverse relationships at the end of debates. I also think theory itself is incredibly limited and has many pitfalls compared to the actual practice of anarchy.

As for other philosophical viewpoints, I’m an absurdist, situationist and probably a nihilist. Postmodernism and metamodernism are interesting. Intersectional feminism and queer liberationism are great. Egoism is nice, but I don’t think I’d totally consider myself an egoist. I think a lot of Stirner’s ideas can be more easily lived instead of reading the literature.

I mingle with a few different subcultures. I am indeed a furry, and your chuckling doesn’t bother me; I’m probably laughing with you. I don’t really do anything significant in those spaces. I consider myself a punk, my “style” is kind of a mix of folk punk and post-punk. I collect patches and pins whenever I can to mix and match.

I consume more caffeine than I should, and coffee is my primary route of administration. I’m not a big fan of tea but it’s okay, I have to really be in the mood for it.

My music taste is scattered across genres, artists and levels of niches and whatever the hell “mainstream” is anymore. I’m a casual listener, so take my opinions lightly. To name some by genre:

  • hardcore punk — Bad religion, Iggy Pop, Dead Kennedys, Rancid, ZSK, Crass
  • folk punk — AJJ, The Taxpayers, Days N’ Daze, The Orphans, Wingnut Dishwashers Union
  • post-punk — Joy Division, The Smiths, Sonic Youth
  • black metal — Panopticon
  • death metal — Corpus Rottus, Slayer
  • doom metal — The Sword
  • progressive metal — Tool
  • soft rock — The Fray, George Michael, U2
  • 90s alternative — REM, Radiohead, Beck, Belly, Happy Mondays
  • indie folk — Bon Iver
  • folk rock — Hozier
  • hip-hop — Wu-Tang Clan, Lil Uzi Vert, Del the Funky Homosapien
  • alternative hip-hop — Gorillaz, Teflon Saga
  • jazz hop — Brous One, Philanthrope, Nymano
  • ambient — Prefuse 73, Tycho, Blackmill, Nobel Oak
  • trap — San Holo
  • progressive house — Helvetic Nerds, Noel Sanger, Glenn Morrison, Deadmau5, Uppermost
  • hardstyle — Headhunterz, Wasted Penguinz, Showtek (before they became terrible), Dark Oscillators, Noisecontrollers, Scope DJ, Frontliner, Zany
  • hardcore (electro) — Rotterdam Terror Corps, Drokz, Androgyn Network
  • digital hardcore — Atari Teenage Riot
  • drum n bass — LTJ Bukem, Bad Company UK, Pendulum, Netsky
  • neurofunk — The Upbeats
  • drumstep — Muzzy
  • breakcore — Detest
  • crossbreed — The Outside Agency, Limewax

This seems to be all of what’s worth saying about myself. Contact me if you have any questions.