The New Year, 2016

I touched a bit on 2015 and 2016 in a post on Medium relating to my actual thoughts and hopes for what is to come. This here is more of a personal overview on what I’ll actually be doing in the new year.

I think 2015 was my final year idling in contemplation over a lot of different things: The course of the sociopolitical relation to civil liberties in the United States and worldwide (something that I think almost drove me to insanity with TPP, CISA, NSA surveillance and H.R. 4681), the public dulling towards corporate rigging of the economy and labor laws, people trying desperately to push forward in keeping culture and a sense of meaning alive, the world, and myself as a human being witnessing these things.

A lot of shitty, stressful things stuck with me early on in that year, making it pretty mentally and emotionally rough. I did quite a bit in attempt to make a difference. Wrote essays on what a new revolution out of necessity would be like and theories on actually making reform and not just advoacting it (most I left unpublished), hanging up flyers in my city, and worked on a file transfer program focused on privacy, which I eventually scrapped (not good at coding crypto).

I eventually got out of that rut, having taken long needed steps back and breathing. I managed to moderate doing what I cared about with chilling the hell out and going on with other things, leading to where I am now, December.

This new year is the one where I will actually be moving on some long-held ambitions of moving out of my parent’s place and setting off on my own devices as a residual member of this generation, trying to find his place in this sensory plane. Not as big of a deal as many will think, but me having perfect knowledge of me: how I make plans and how I love lusting over the dream and not the actual means of doing things, it becomes more important and more desperate personally to formulate so it acutally works.

A lot of idealistic visions of living in Philadelphia or Chicago in a nice appartment, meeting up with beloved friends and having a job in some nice media start-up or some shit constitutes a good deal of the actual objective, but the meat and bones of the initial phase, the one that matters right now, was layed out in a short post on my tumblr account:

Starting in 2016, sometime in January, I’m starting whats needed to start my life on my own: Work, finishing school, that whole thing. I estimate I should have enough money to move out and find a place around late 2016 or mid to late 2017 based on the numbers I ran on hourly wage, the hours, overtime (if any) and total savings by weekly deposit.

I’m going to basically be dedicating as much possible time I can to work, and then school and my driver’s license to be molded around what free time I will have.

This means I’ll be surrendering a lot of my work in programming and writing, so expect a length of time where I’m not at all very active on social media or my blog. I am not leaving the Internet or forgetting about this aspect of my life, as its immensely important to me, but so too is being independent and out of the house.

So yeah, thats just a heads up to anyone who pays any attention to my work or what I have to say. Thanks so much, if you do. I’ll deffinetly check in with everyone when I’m off work or whatever. As of writing this, I’m enjoying the last few days of 2015 as a slacker until the time comes where shit needs to be together and I’ll be chaining myself to labor as much as possible.

I sort of reached a point where I’m sick of the same-old. Hell, I think at this point I’d be okay with being desituted in a foreign land for a while if it meant doing something new to reset myself as a person. Being a working stiff for about a year and a half isn’t much, in that regard.

I really just want to touch on the next chapter, as cliche as it may sound. Making money once more and having the precious freedom to go wherever, settle wherever and pave whatever path. This is the one action at this point in my young life that I feel like I truly need, as if the base of my mental and reasonable integrity relies on moving onward. I hate this sense of miserable comfort that basement-dwellers develop: pacified and hollow in these four walls. Having just a little taste of that is enough to make me ready to throw my entire heart and soul into something to break those down.

In all, I’m just going to throw myself into a job or two, and not come out until I have everything I need to move on. Again, my activity in publishing and programming will be a lot smaller due to schedules and such, but I’ll no doubt work on something in any free time I have. Or, if the guy known as Tolbiac is forgotten in the heat of his service to the system (hard to imagine I could be any less known), I could always restart with some new identity somewhere if this one is past revival. I’m not too worried though, just ready to make a move forward, however not that big of a deal it may be. It feels empowering to do something of this nature.

And with that, I want to give everyone my most sincere best wishes for you in the New Year, that your lives be bright and peaceful, and hopefully 2016 will be a pathway for improvement in the world and the start of mankind’s move forward once again in this crazy, beautifully chaotic world we share.

The New Year, 2016